Joining Cinema For All in 2014

Appleton Film Society

Belonging to Cinema For All brings many benefits, not least being in touch with people from all over the UK sharing a love of film through running their own film societies and community cinemas. Membership also connects you with the wider film world.

With its long history of supporting the community cinema movement, Cinema For All is in a unique position to provide dedicated and bespoke services, and we invite you to share our commitment to our vision - Cinema For All.

‘Being a part of Cinema For All has always been really important to us at Swindon Film Society, not just because of the tangible benefits - the Booking Scheme, insurance discounts, preview days, the awards - I could go on...! - but more because it means we're part of a network that supports and learns from each other. It's great to know there are colleagues to turn to when things don't quite go to plan - and to celebrate with when they go well!’
Barbara Hoffbauer, Swindon Film Society

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